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Immerse yourself in the artistry of AR/VR, 3D advertisement, gaming and Metaverse etc. with our high-quality and expressive 3D models.

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Immersive Creativity: ShapesBazaar's Impact on 3D Modeling

ShapesBazaar, a pioneering venture, aims to revolutionize 3D modeling across diverse industries. Specializing in tailored models for gaming, advertisement, and the metaverse, we breathe life into characters and environments with unparalleled detail. Beyond entertainment, we explore AR, VR, and MR, reshaping digital interactions. Our 3D models transcend applications in education and architecture. As a global innovation hub, ShapesBazaar encourages limitless creativity, blending technical sophistication with user-friendliness. More than a marketplace, it's a tech-driven transformation, seamlessly integrating 3D models into worldwide industries, leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

Our Achievements

Dr. Satinder Sartaaj
Virtual Live Concert

Ram Mandir
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What Solutions We Provide

Customized 3D Model

Craft bespoke 3D models tailored to your vision, adding a personalized touch to your creative projects.

Diverse Portfolio Delights

Explore a rich array of 3D models, spanning gaming, advertisement, AR, VRperfect for every creative endeavor.

Quality Redefined

Elevate projects with unparalleled precision and sophistication in every meticulously crafted 3D model.

Immersive AR/VR Experiences

Dive into immersive worlds with our AR and VR solutions, reshaping digital interactions for unforgettable experiences.

Global Innovation Hub

Join our platform as a hub for global innovation, empowering creatives to push the boundaries of imagination.

User-Friendly Tech Brilliance

Prioritize user experience with technically advanced yet user-friendly 3D models, encouraging exploration and creativity.

Recently Completed Projects

Project Riyalverse
Discover RiyalVerse: your gateway to an immersive metaverse experience. Dive into virtual campuses, attend live concerts, compete in gaming tournaments, host meetings, and collaborate in conferences—all in one dynamic platform. Explore limitless possibilities beyond education and redefine how you interact in the digital realm.
Our Team Members

Gopal Dubey

Founder & CEO

Harminder Kaur

Chief Senior Advisor

Achintya Sharma

Senior Advisor


Senior 3D Designer

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